Sunday, March 2, 2008


I mean, Wiiiiiiiii! That's right, my dad got us a Wii this morning. I'm not sure yet how excited (or not) I am. I mean, I'm not really 'into' video games and the such.... but it does sort of look like fun. Especially Endless Ocean, which my daddy got especially for me. Now that's my kind of game!

Anyway, he's busy hooking everything up downstairs. I got up super-early this morning (well....7:30, but that's early considering I don't have to be at work until 2:00!) so I could crank-out my Ethics paper that's due tomorrow. I finished it (5 pages) in less than 3 hours! Huzzah! It really wasn't bad at all. I'll do some proofing tomorrow morning, and then I'll study, study, study for Tuesday's Atmospheres exam.

I'm feeling especially cheerful again today - now I'm sure its because Spring is on its way! Today, its supposed to be about 50 degrees; and tomorrow will be in the 60's! Yay!!! Of course, the rest of the week is supposed to be dreary and rainy/snowy, but still. It gives me hope!

I got the most fabulous plant catalog in the mail yesterday - Klehm's Song Sparrow. Its filled with beautiful pictures of peonies and lilies - 2 of my favorites! Flipping through the catalog just made me wish harder for Spring so I can play in my garden again!

(photos borrowed from Klehm's Song Sparrow website)

I'm off to work in a little bit....2-11 today, yuck.

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