Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm still breathing.

Whew, I am sooo glad yesterday is over.
The Econ. exam was every bit as awful as i expected, but I think I at least passed. The rest of my class apparently thought it was just as hard as I did, so that was a small comfort. At least I don't feel like it was just me; I'm the "dumb one".
But that's all over now, and I just have one exam and 2 papers left to write before finals! Oh, and 2 team-project things, but they're not until the very last 2 days of class. Hooray!
To celebrate last night, I curled up in bed with my dog and my cat and watched Silk. It was really good, except I hate movies about men cheating on their wives/girlfriends, especially when its obvious that he really does love his wife/girlfriend. How does that make any sense?? If you love her.....DON'T CHEAT ON HER!!! But anyway. I hope I didn't spoil the movie for anyone....the movie box actually says that he has an affair with the Japanese concubine, so I'm sure I didn't spoil the surprise.
Well, I'm off for a nice semi-early day at work (at least compared to my usual 2-11pm shift)! Hooray for that, too! My goal for today is to stop at the bank after work (payday!), meet my momma at the Goodwill for some treasure hunting, and then come home and at least write a rough draft of my Ethics paper that's due Monday. That way, if I get it done tonight, I can actually see Chris Sunday before work and maybe even Monday before school!
Have lovely days, everyone!

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