Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrift Store Heaven

Oh man. I found some treasures today!

First of all, the picture does this little guy no justice. He's a glass panda lamp/nightlight. The tag on the bottom says Saturday Knight, Japan; and he looks fairly old. I love him so so so much! And guess what. He only cost $4!!
And what could this be? Could it possible be a most-awesome-ever, one of a kind, weird-doll-fabric DRESS?! Perhaps it is...... I'll take some pictures of it in action tomorrow; but now I'm too tired. You'll just have to wait!
And this is a fabulous hand-painted (and signed!) wooden plaque-thing to hang on the future-walls of my future-kitchen in my some-day-house. Anyway, I like birds. So for now its hanging on my bedroom wall. I like it.

I also got a brand new, with tags, navy blue American Eagle jumper dress (very cute!) and a pretty-darn-new American Eagle skirt with little blue flowers on it. Its funny because I normally hate American Eagle, but everything I picked up at the Goodwill today was from there. Go figure.
We also went to a local (Amish? Mennonite?) farmer's market today. I had never been there before, but my grandma said she gets good cereal from there..... anyway, I was super-impressed. AMAZING prices on awesome food. They had a great selection of organic and gluten-free, too, which I thought was really great. I think the Amish lady who was working there was giving us funny looks though....they probably don't get a lot of customers with tattoos and facial piercings coming in there. But they were still very nice, and the cashier told us to have a "blessed day", which I thought was very cute. I picked up some whole wheat pretzels without salt; and Chris got some Gummy Hats, a Sasparilla soda, and some peppermint sticks. They also have an AMAZING selection of sprinkles there (*hint hint, Heidi!*)
Umm....oh yeah, so then this evening I went to my sisters' high school Jazz Band concert. That's always nice and full of nostalgia for me since I was in the jazz band for 7 years. *sigh* The concert was very nice; everyone did a great job. It makes me miss my jazz band days.
After the concert, I went back to Chris' house to watch The Orphanage. It was good, but it reminded me too much of a bunch of other movies. Good, but unoriginal, I guess is what I mean. I'd still recommend it if you want to be a little creeped out and have an excuse to clutch your boyfriend's arm.
So that was my action-packed day today. I think tomorrow we're going to try to go to Renfrew, if the weather cooperates. And now, it is time to go to bed. Goodnight!

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