Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mine, all mine!!

Oh yeahhh.... I totally snagged those blue cat-eye glasses from Dulcet. And thankfully, in case I get them and I look like an idiot, they accept returns. Yesss! :D

I also grabbed up one of these adorable little comics from Miss Emily.... totally sweet. I was sad when I noticed there weren't any left in the shop tonight, when suddenly one appeared! And for only $6, quite a steal for such a whole lot of cuteness!

In other news, my car wouldn't start today. Hmph. Luckily my dad spent a few hours this evening figuring it out, and its something fairly simple and inexpensive (about $40), so that's good. Its probably going to be until Tuesday or Wednesday next week until he can get the part, however, so it looks like I'll be borrowing my mama's van all weekend or bumming rides to work with my sister! Oh well, it could be worse.

And now, I'm off to bed. I have another *exciting* day at work tomorrow. Hehe.


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