Monday, October 20, 2008

Frosty Mountain Morning

It is COLD this morning. The temperature right now is 34 degrees F, so I can only speculate how chilly it was overnight. Just look at the frost! This is the view of my garden out my kitchen window.

I am not a cold-weather kind of girl; so I camped out on the floor in front of the space heater with a lap tray to eat my breakfast... all I need now is a cozy little blanket tent!

I still have a yucky cold, but luckily (?) today I've had much better luck at actually, uh, expectorating all the yuckiness.... sorry, there's just no eloquent way to say that! But at least that hopefully means that I'm on the road to getting better!

I'm not looking forward to this week at school; I have 3 exams (one today) and a paper due, all before Thursday. Bleh. I think this morning I'm going to go out to the 'bungalow' (the moniker fondly given to our little shed) to dig-out my giant box of scarves and mittens, my (and Duffy's) favorite winter blanket, and probably the little space heater for my bedroom.

I guess it really is Autumn now!

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