Friday, October 31, 2008

A Spooky Day to You!

A "very happy Halloween" to everyone, first of all! Has everyone had fun celebrating in spooky ways today? I actually did not do anything for Halloween today; not a single pumpkin was carved. How sad. But, last night, I did bake these:

The cupcakes turned out....OK. The, he has some issues. I'm not sure what happened there. The blurry pictures don't help, either. But both the cupcakes and the cake taste pretty good. (Vegan) Devil's Food Cake with my super-secret-recipe Tofu Icing...Mmmm-mmmm! (OK, the recipe for my Tofu Icing isn't really very secret...its right here!)

I wish I knew exactly where all of my old books from my childhood are. I had some really cool Halloween books that my mom would read to me every year. This was one of my very most favorite!

Here's how I spent my Halloween today:

1) Work 7-4

2) Haircut (it was getting pretty poofy! Much better now.)

3) Went to the mall to find some khakis for work because I have no pants that actually fit. Blame Veganism. Didn't find any pants. Got really frustrated. Did buy a skirt at Charlotte Russe I've been admiring, on sale for less than $7! Woo hoo!

4) Left the mall feeling really cranky because a) I didn't find any khakis that I could actually afford/came in "short" lengths; and b) the mall is already decked-out for Christmas. No.

5) Stopped at the Goodwill in a last-ditch effort to not end my day feeling cranky. Found a pair of Aeropostale khakis, in 'short' length, for $6, score! I also found a really special treasure that I won't share just yet.... mostly because my camera battery is [constantly] dead, but also because I like to build suspense.

I think I'm going to follow Marjorie's example and go await a certain Pumpkin....

Happy haunting!!

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