Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What I Did Today.

I had another nice day off from school and work today. I spent the morning drinking coffee in bed and watching the Planet Green channel. Pretty nerdy, heck yeah. Around noon I decided to go to the best Goodwill in the area, which is about 1/2 hour from my house. I found 2 nice sweaters for myself, a birthday present for Lani (that I can't share yet, just in case she peeks on here!), a gorgeous sweater for the shop, and the most amazing jewelry box ever. I'm just having some really good luck lately on the thrifting-front!

The sweater isn't in the shop, yet, but I plan on putting it in there sometime in the next few days. As for the little house jewelry box, I think I have to keep it all to myself. Its just too adorable. Its marked "Japan" on the bottom, and it still works- it plays a little tune when you wind up the knob on the back. I'm in love.

I also went to the mall in the afternoon, but left completely disillusioned. There's just no point in even trying. I saw a few dresses that I really liked at Macy's, but they were $60. Each. That's just not ok in my book. Not when I can spend $18 at Goodwill and walk out with a new winter coat, a pair of shoes, two shirts, a teacup, a candleholder, and a piece of art for my walls. Now that's shopping.

I did, however, get another birthday present for Lani while I was at the mall. Of course, I can't say what it is yet, but I know she's going to be thrilled! I'm so excited- I'm going to Annapolis on Sunday to go to a concert and celebrate her birthday (early). Today we decided I should also take off the whole weekend of Halloween so we can celebrate! I was sad because I didn't think I'd have any plans (besides working, bleh); and we're going to a concert on Sunday Nov. 2, so why not just take off the whole weekend and hang out with my best friend? Now I'm super-stoked for Halloween, even if all we do is bake pumpkin-shaped cookies and watch silly horror movies all day. Hehe.

I came home from shopping to discover that season one, disc two of Carnivale arrived today; and suddenly all my plans of studying for tomorrow's Lit. quiz went straight out the window. Oops! I'm just so upset that Carnivale was cancelled. Will I never know what its all about??! Drat!

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