Friday, November 7, 2008

July in November

Ok, so today it was in the mid 70s... that's just not right. Its November! The department stores have officially decked the halls and are blaring Christmas music 24/7, and yet it feels like a balmy summer day. Oh yeah, and I live in Pennsylvania. What?! I'm just totally thrown for a loop with weather like this. I finally get used to the idea that its now "Autumn" and embrace the layers of clothes, and then its 75 degrees. Curses.
So anyway, I'm off my soapbox. I feel really sleepy today. Probably because, oh look, its 5:30 and the sun has already disappeared behind the horizon. Gahh. (Oh, there I go again - sorry!). Anyhoo. I'm sleepy. I worked until 4 today, then rushed over to the post office to pick up the paperwork for my passport....eep! I'm so excited for Curacao! It finally seems "real"... I've got stacks of paperwork to fill out for passports, insurance, dive equipment, packing lists..... yikes!

I'm super-psyched for this weekend, too - my most favorite Aunt Debbie is coming to visit this weekend (unfortunately, I probably won't even see much of her because of work, but still - we always have Coffee Club in the mornings!), and Sunday after work I'm heading back to Annapolis to go see Bayside with my besties!

And, because the sun has already completely set, and I therefore have no light with which to take pretty pictures for you today, I leave you with a 4-year old picture of my dog. Because, really, who doesn't like puppies? Aww!

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