Saturday, December 13, 2008


1. Fighting the feeling of "I'm supposed to be doing something right now... studying? Reading? Writing a paper?" No! The semester is over! Woooo!!

2. Trying to figure out what gifts to give to my family, since I have vowed not to actually purchase anything this year (I'm broke, I'm going to Curacao a week after Christmas, and I don't feel like supporting a system where people get trampled to death over X-Boxes or whatever. No thanks.) This might be a baked-goods kind of Christmas around these parts!

3. Getting a bit more into the Christmas spirit lately...for some reason I just couldn't get into it this year like I normally do. I think it was a combination of being super-busy with school/work and the excitement of a new boyfriend, etc. Too much going on to notice that, oops, its already halfway through December! Yikes! At least I decorated a little....

4. Doing a wee bit of sketching here and there. I drew this for Donn the other day (he mentioned he'd like to have me draw a tattoo for him... it should have wings, as most of his tattoos do for some reason; and he went kinda crazy over my old owl drawings he came across in my porfolio); and so this was born: 5. Going a little crazy in the kitchen lately. Its so nice to have a vegan boyfriend, who truly enjoys and appreciates my cooking. We are totally and completely, officially, "foodies". Oh yeah. I made some pretty great and easy sugar-free maple cookies the other day. They're kind of like biscuit-cookies, with just a hint of sweetness (since they are sugar-free); and they are awesome in the morning with some jam and a cup of coffee. Mmm-mmm!

6. Feeding a hunger for some new music lately...Donn and I have discovered that we have eerily-similar tastes in music, so its pretty much guaranteed that if one of us likes a song or a band, the other will like it too. We've been trading music and finding new favorites like crazy over the past few weeks. Here's some of what we've been listening to (kind of a strange mix of genres, but that's ok ;) -

7. Getting totally excited about this coming week..and beyond... Sunday (tomorrow) I'm heading to Annapolis after work to go to a Misery Signals show and just staying until Friday morning. Awesome! And then next Sunday, Donn's coming here to make sugar cookies (and possibly have Early Christmas together??), then sometime over that next week he's picking me up to go back to Annapolis for a few days... we're planning on going to Baltimore's Inner Harbor to celebrate New Year's Eve (which I'm super-excited about, as I don't usually do anything really for New Year's, so it'll be fun to go to some parties downtown), then on Jan. 3 Donn's taking me to the airport to leave for Curacao! Whew! Its going to be a busy next couple of weeks!! Oh, and then the very day after I arrive back home from Curacao, the new semester starts. Wow. Yikes.
So, that's what I've been doing. Oh, and totally freaking out over packing and getting prepared for Curacao. That's a whole other post just waiting to happen.... stay tuned for some serious whining and freaking out!!
Have super-fun weekends, everyone!

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