Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just a quick note.... say that I'm all packed-up and ready to go to Annapolis tomorrow! Woo hoo! I made myself 3 (yes, THREE) lists at work today of things I needed to remember to pack/do before tomorrow; and I only have 3 things left to do: pack up my laptop (tomorrow morning), pack up my makeup and hair stuff (also tomorrow because, of course, I must wear makeup to work, duh), and PRINT OUR CONCERT TICKETS!! Actually I was trying to print them just a little while ago, but my dad was doing something on the downstairs computer, so I'm just waiting a little bit.
I'm super-excited because I'm totally taking my little 4-foot tree to set up at Donn's house. We're going to have so much fun, decorating our little tree, all the while drinking [vegan!] hot cocoa and listening to holiday music...or metal, or Kings of Leon, or whatever. Haha! Either way, its going to be a blast!
Here's a picture of my little tree from last year:
Oh, and Donn asked around at work, and the general concensus is that Baltimore's Inner Harbor is the place to be for New Year's Eve! I'm so excited for that, too!

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