Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This is Donn's pile of presents from me. I went the newspaper-wrapping-paper route; he took a different approach (see below):
That, my friends, is a Whole Foods bag, sealed with packing tape, and written on with a permanant marker ("Punk Rock Christmas!" <--so cute). I love it.

All of his gifts are 'green' and/or organic. There's really not any risk that he's going to read my blog before tomorrow (seeing as how he doesn't have internet...), but still, I'd rather not take any chances. I'll list what I gave him sometime after Christmas. I do want to share a little sneak-peek at one of the 'big' gifts I'm giving him... any guesses at what it is?

I hope everyone has a very lovely holiday filled with good company, good food, and lots of love!

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