Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, I had originally started this blog post yesterday, except then my Internet Explorer decided to be stupid and crash, so here we are again. *le sigh* Anyway, its too early for complaining, so on to the exciting news!
The plans for Spring Break are coming more clearly into focus! Here's our itinerary, if you will:
We're driving a Mustang convertible down to Orlando from PA. My grandparents are living in Orlando, so the plan is to hang out with them for a few days, perhaps go to Disney one day? I need to talk to my grandparents today and arrange some more details.
After a few days in Orlando, we'll head over to Punta Gorda to stay with HIS grandparents, do some sightseeing/beachcombing/etc. The Mustang we're driving down is his grandfather's, and he needed it because he's a "snowbird", so then we're FLYING back to BWI at the end of the week.
I, for one, am very, very excited! I haven't been to FL in nearly 6 years (and that was only to Disney World). I'm excited to take a roadtrip, hang out with our families, and kind of relax while we're down there. Its going to be a good trip. :D

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