Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good (cold) morning!

Good morning, everyone! What an amazing day - the first official day of Obamarama! There's such electricity in the air around the nation, it seems. I like it!

Whew. So, why am I blogging at 7:00 in the morning? Well, I had a massive amount of work to do over the past week, all of which is due today. I paced myself pretty well over the past week, but I had some chem homework to finish up this morning. I actually really, really like my schedule this semester! I'm officially finished with all of my gen. eds, so from here on out, its all major courses! I have: Hydrology, Chemistry, Oceanography, GIS II, and the Curacao field studies course. Very, very cool. Its intensive, but I really enjoy all of my courses, so its good. Its also cool because all of my classes, minus chem, are in one building - my department building, of course - so I can pretty much just move in there. I set up camp in the student study room yesterday, which is kind of hidden in the basement of my building, and its quite comfy! There's a huge green armchair, bookshelves filled with nerdy books about geology, and plenty of outlets. Heaven.

Umm...what else? Oh, ONE good picture of me from Curacao has surfaced! So far, its the only picture I have seen in which I was a) aware my picture was being taken; and b) not making some ridiculous face where my tongue is hanging out of my mouth. Sigh.

This is me and Teddy in the boutique-district of Willemstad. Not that we were shopping in boutiques.... its just that there was a pretty fountain. Oh, and I'm not actually that tall - I'm standing on a step! Hehe.

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