Monday, January 19, 2009

Things and stuff.

Wow, it snowed all day today. I spent my ENTIRE day cleaning and taking care of business. I'd say I had a fairly productive day today! My room is slowly starting to look more habitable (read: I'm dealing with remnants of last semester - finals week, etc.; Christmas, and Curacao). I took care of some official financial business, which I despise but is necessary; and I did quite a bit of schoolwork today. Of course I have tons more to do, but its all due Wednesday, so I can definitely work on it in the SIX HOURS I have between classes on Tuesdays. Of course, its really good that I made a friend who lives just 5 minutes away from campus, so I can just go over there between classes and study/eat/nap. Its also handy because I can definitely spend an hour or two in the gym, and still have time to shower and get ready to go back to school. Nice!
The other business I took care of today is top-secret, but it is definitely exciting! I just don't want to spill the beans yet because nothing is for sure.....yet. I'm currently in negotiations.... all I'll say is that it involves some time on an island in the sun. Oh yeah. ;)

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