Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The apartment (for now)

Its funny; I've been slowly getting the apartment (at least our room) to where I wanted it... I feel like (and I think Teddy feels like, too) the room really reflects us, both individually and as a couple. Its nothing fancy... since we're moving into our own apartment in a month (1 month from today, actually) - right now we share an apt. with Teddy's friend Shawn - we haven't really done too much decorating or 'sprucing up'. Just a few things here and there, but I really love our room.

That's my bed from my parents' house. Until very recently, we didn't even have a bed here.... just Shawn's old (twin!!!) mattress, on the floor. After I quite literally woke up unable to stand because my back hurt so badly, we finally brought the bed here. Why didn't we bring my bed over before, you ask? Well, its kind of a long story, but basically: during the week I live here in Shippensburg, and Friday-Sunday I go back to my parents' house to work. Its very, very taxing, but the semester is almost over; once we move into our new apartment next month, I'm going to either transfer to the store here or else just find a new job. Anyway, I digress. Moving along...
The ship picture on the wall was a thrift store find from a few weeks ago... $3!! Its woven linen. Its probably my most favorite thing EVER.
OK, so... notice the hanging rack on the right side of the room... that exists because of the unfortunate part of our room, which I won't show you until a few pictures down. Let's concentrate on the good parts first. Anyway, I kind of like the hanging rack. Sometimes I wake up at night and think its a person standing over me because of my hat hanging on the corner of it, hehe.
Here are some things on our table: fossils and rocks from...North Dakota, I think? Teddy found them. He likes rocks a lot, haha. PS - he didn't find that fossil.
This is my other favorite thing in our room- we need a much bigger shelf, but this will do for now. Teddy (accidentally) ran that mink over, so he had it stuffed. The fossil is Ammonite, I bought it in FL last month.
I've been keeping my eyes peeled for nice jars and the such at thrift stores to house our rather extensive and growing collection of sand and beach relics. We found the corals that are in the bell jar in Curacao, where we met. Just to the right, there's a snail shell I found 2 weeks ago when we went hiking to a reservoir not far from here; and behind that is a baggie filled with my horseshoe crabs that I guarded with my life from FL.
The jar on the right has sand and shells we brought back from Curacao; the jar on the left currently only has sand (from Sanibel Island, FL) in it; we haven't gotten around to fully cleaning all of the shells we brought back from FL...they're still kinda stinky (especially the sea urchins...ew)
And here is the unfortunate part of our room.... I mean, its nice that we actually have a washer and dryer in the apartment, but.... that means we don't have a closet. And, because they stick out too far, we don't have closet doors, either. So its a bit of an eyesore.
At least the shoes are on the backside of the door, so they're hidden most of the time. The little chest of drawers is the "school corner", where I keep all of our textbooks and my schoolbag.

So that's it. Its really kind of cozy. I like it, but I am super-excited to move next month. It will be nice to get ALL of my things from my parents' house, and have our OWN apartment.

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