Thursday, April 2, 2009

New apartment!

(Edited to add that we haven't moved into this new apartment yet, so these pictures are of how the girl who currently lives there has it decorated...I think I didn't clarify that. Oops!)
Yayyy!! We found an apartment! I just got home from looking at a 1 bedroom place, and I LOVED it. I talked to Teddy (who is at work and didn't get to see it, but I took pictures for him) and he said to take it; so I just called the girl and sealed the deal. Woo!

The place is beautiful... its wayyy bigger than I expected, with lots of storage space, and I can have my dog!!! I am soooo excited.

Here's the kitchen, which I love because it has soooo many cabinets. This is good. Oh, and I love the wood floor.

The next room is a sort-of work room, computer room, office, gym, whatever. There's a nice big closet in there, so that's exciting.

Walk through that, and you end up in the living room, which is nice and big. The bathroom is off of the living room, and its small but that's fine.

The bedroom is past the living room... there are sliding doors, but apparently they're really loud so we'll probably just hang a curtain or something....

My favorite part is that there is a large front porch (shared with the neighbor, but still huge), and a private back porch...and even a little place for a garden! Its pretty quiet, away from "downtown", with a nice yard and plenty of places to walk my dog... its perfect. I am so excited. I'm ready to move in, like, tomorrow!

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  1. I think it's cute. It doesn't look that small in the pictures. Love the curtain in the bathroom.


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