Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good morning

Its morning #2 with Duffy here, and still no accidents - yay! I was a little worried that I would find a 'surprise' waiting to be cleaned up this morning because he wasn't in the bed this morning when I woke up, but I looked through every room and didn't find anything. He seems to be doing just fine, as you can see from the pictures above... I took that this morning after our morning walk. This is seriously good. I think he's used to our 'routine' already - he knows which door to go to when he needs to go outside; he went for quite a few hours yesterday without begging to go outside (after the initial 42,000 times we went out first thing in the a.m.). So that's good.
The real test is going to be how he is when he's all alone. I was home with him all day yesterday, and Teddy's off work today (plus I'll be home since my Oceanography exam is at 8:30 tonight), but he'll be alone for a few hours tomorrow morning while I take my Hydro and Chem finals...I bought him a Busy Bone last night at the store, but I'm wondering if having a buddy would keep him better occupied...? There are tons of free dogs in the local newspaper.... (if my parents are reading this - you should check out the paper if you need a 'replacement'!!)

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