Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do you believe in Fate?

This is what my morning- or, rather, Teddy's morning, has been like...
That's right, we are officially the proud parents of TWO dogs now! Meet Daisy. She is Duffy's daughter.
(OK, let me give you a minute to process that.....)
That's right, his daughter. About 4 years ago, in July 2005, Duffy and my mom's labrador Roxy (Duffy's wife, of course) had puppies - eleven of them!! They were so cute and funny, being half-Westie and half-Lab.... some had long legs like a labrador, some had short little stubby legs; some had wiry beards, some had smooth sleek fur. In any case, they were super-cute. My parents gave them all away, and we haven't seen any of them since.
Flash forward to now. Since Teddy and I got this apartment, and decided that we wanted to bring Duffy here to live with us (I am his mommy, after all), my dad has been sort of depressed. He loves Duffy and his feisty terrier ways soooooo much, so he decided that he wants to get a puppy.
So this past Saturday, my parents went a-looking at the dogs at one of the local Humane Societies, to see what they could see. Not finding just the right one, they were heading out the door, when lo! and behold! A couple was walking toward the shelter with a little black terrier-ish dog on a leash. They said that they had just gotten a new puppy and they no longer wanted their sweet dog Daisy. (Terrible!!)
"Oh, what breed is she?" Daddy asked.
"Why, she's half-Westie and half-Labrador" the people explained.
"Wow, what a strange coincidence!" my sister exclaimed, "we have a Westie and a Lab at home. Where did you get her?"
"Well, we got her up on South Mountain a few years ago" said the people, and with that, my family knew that Daisy was their grand-puppy, for you see, my family lives on South Mountain.
They continued their conversation and realized that Daisy was, indeed, the daughter of Duffy and Roxy, and phone numbers were exchanged. My dad told me the whole story over the phone, and asked if I thought my family should adopt her. "Of course!" I shouted, "she's part of our family!"
So my dad called the people that very evening, and went to pick Daisy up. He did so with secret hopes that Teddy and I would want to adopt Daisy ourselves, but even if we decided she wasn't the dog for us, then my parents would keep her. She is family, after all.
So I went over to their house after work Saturday, and again on Sunday, to play with Daisy and get to know her a little. She's a very sweet girl, indeed, who looks like her daddy (except for her eyes, which are pure Roxy!) and has a temperament of both Roxy and Duffy. She is, you might say, the best of both worlds!
Yesterday, I took Teddy to my parents' to meet Daisy, and...we did decide to bring her home, hurrah! The poor girl was very confused and shy though (after all, she has met so many new people and been to many different places in just a few days), so we had a relaxed evening last night. She and Duffy seem to be getting along just peachy, though. I knew that Duffy would be OK with her (he gets along fine with most dogs, he just gets a little hyper sometimes), but he has been AMAZING. Didn't get hyper at all, hasn't barked at her once. Just as good as can be. They both slept in the bed with us last night (with Duffy on Teddy's head, and Daisy right between us), and both dogs went out to go potty at 5:55 this morning. Whew. So I think this is good. Teddy and I are both home all day again today, so I think Daisy will be much calmer and less shy today. If not, I have a cabinet full of treats to pursuade her otherwise. ; )

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