Friday, May 8, 2009


We've been having lazy days around here...
Lazy nights (of video game-playing), too.
As you can see, Ms. Daisy has adjusted quite well to life with us redheads (and one furry prince)... she is one happy dog. She knows our morning routine now (and stands on top of me, right next to Duffy, to wake me up at about 5:50 every morning to go outside), she's getting used to apartment life (and not barking at the neighbors when they walk by outside), and she has discovered squirrels. She and Duffy get along like a house on fire, and when they start playing, watch out! This apartment is perfect for them; they can run from end-to-end without stopping (which they do, and it is quite amusing to watch). Mostly they just like to be couch-dogs, though.

We finally got my bookshelf from my parents' house at the beginning of the week, so Minky has a home now. The shelves are still a little bare; I haven't brought my books over yet. For now I'm using the bottom shelf for dog toys, haha.

I finally hung the steer skull, too. And yeah, I was watching Cool Runnings. Sweet.What else...? Umm... last night I made pizza from scratch (for the second time this week; we both love this stuff!) using the dough recipe (with a few of my own little touches) from this book. So delicious. Its half-cheese, half-tofu cheese. :D

Oh yeah, and today is my last day at work. I've been at my current store for over 2 years, but since we live in Shippensburg now, its a 45 minute drive, and that's just too far. I'm transferring to a closer store, only about 5 minutes from here, so that's great. Less gas = more money!
Happy Friday!

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