Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm lazy today, and too tired to take any pictures, so here's something else that's new in the shop this week.

Eww, its all icky and rainy outside. Not a very pretty day (so far)... but it is only 6:20 a.m., so I guess there's still hope. :) I'm not looking forward to the rest of the day, though - my youngest sister was at a school function here in Shippensburg last night, so I volunteered to pick her up at 10:30 last night, and she came back and spent the night here. I have to be at work at 9:00 this morning, so that means I have to leave extra early and drop her off at my parents' house before heading to work, so... we have to leave here by 7:40 at the latest. Gahhh.

At least Teddy will be home most of the day, so poor Duffy won't have to stay in his crate for too long, probably just about 1 1/2 hours (unlike yesterday when he was in there for like 8 hours, poor little guy). He's been doing SOOOO WELL, its unbelievable. He has never been 'crate-trained' before, but we don't really have too many other options. We tried a baby gate to keep him confined to just the kitchen area (wood floors instead of carpet, in case of an 'accident' while we're gone) but he barked his head off the whole time. I'm just afraid the neighbors will complain about his barking, and he's on a month-to-month lease here, so that just doesn't work. However, when he stays in his crate, he only barks for a minute or two and then he settles down and goes to town on his treat-bone. We put the crate right in front of the TV, and put it on Animal Planet, haha! I know that sounds ridicuously silly, but honestly, I think it helps! Anyway, I feel bad and I don't want him to get bored. But anyhoo, he has just been doing great. He hasn't had any accidents, except for one morning when he did try to wake me up and I just rolled over and went right back to sleep. This is a major step for that little dog.

Speaking of little dogs..... last night after work I stopped by my parents' house because there was a special guest that I wanted to meet...

More on her later! Its quite a long, wonderful story, and there's just no time to tell it this morning! Gotta get ready for work. Happy Sunday!

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