Friday, May 1, 2009

New shop items!

Woo hoo, I finally added some more stuff to the shop! I had to go up to my parents' house yesterday (because I did something stupid, and had to drive all the way over there when I had just been only a few minutes away earlier in the day...grrrr), and I figured while I was there I could grab some of the stuff I've stashed away and been meaning to add to the shop. So that's how I spent my evening yesterday, taking pictures of stuff for the shop. I really kind of like the way the pictures turned out, with the plain white walls and kind-of shadowy lighting. I hope potential customers like the pictures too......
Other than official shop stuff, I also brought over a few other things from my parents' house, including this awesome vintage sheet which I just knew would be the perfect futon cover:

Luckily, the boys approve.

This morning started out rainy and dreary, but it looks like the sun might peek out in a little bit. I have to work from 11-8 today, no fun. At least breakfast was delicious.

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