Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lots of things.

Well, its been quite a while...sorry, dear Blog!

Life has just been ultra-crazy with school and everything. I'm taking 20 credits this semester, which is beyond ridiculous, but that's beside the point. I have all science/lab classes, so this is what my week looks like:

Physics (lecture), Ichthyology (lecture), Physics (lab), Chem. Bonding (lecture), Historical Geology, Soils, Ichthyology (lab), Rock and Mineral Resources, Chem. Bonding (lab)

Its pretty crazy.

This past weekend I was on a 4-day marathon camping trip for Historical Geology. Dr. Cornell is the prof, so I knew exactly what to expect - intense work at an absolutely grueling pace. But I'm not complaining. Cornell is so awesome, and his trips are always a blast. I should know, I've been on plenty! Haha.

So the trip was really cool. It was altogether about 915 miles, round-trip. We went up to Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, and then ended up in Ithaca, NY, with a few stops in between. We camped each night (except Sunday night, I went to Teddy's house and got to sleep in a king-sized waterbed, hehe). We hardly showered, and were hammering in the dirt all day, so we were pretty filthy, but it was so much fun.

Evangola State Park (Lake Erie, NY)

Niagara Falls, NY
Letchworth State Park

Museum of the Earth
In other news, Teddy had surgery on his head today (ha-ha) to have a little growth (like a mole) removed from his scalp. Everything went well, he just has a big bandage and extra-strength Tylenol.
I guess that's about it for now.... I'm definitely going to be blogging regularly again now that I've made it through the first week of school, so that's good. I also have a BIG, SECRET PLAN that I schemed up over the weekend, and its a doozy! So come back soon to hear more about that....

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