Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today is....

Tuesday! (I think....right?)
Tuesday is my 'crazy' day- OK, who am I kidding? EVERY day is a crazy day this semester, but Tuesdays just take the cake. I have 4 classes, spanning from 8:30 a.m. to 9:15 p.m. Its exhausting, but I do at least have a few hours during the day that I can relax/study/do stuff around the house. Today, after my 8:30 a.m. Physics lab, I went to the 'junk' shop across the street (which I haven't been to in a few MONTHS, believe it or not) and got a nice bookshelf to put beside my computer desk. Its perfect because it suits 2 functions: 1) Hold all of our school books, which were overwhelming the living room; and 2) Hold our little miniature clothes-dryer that, until now, has just been on the floor. I'm very, very happy about this shelf!
I also did something very productive today - I (finally!!) got my scooter insured! This very moment, I am waiting for an email from the insurance company with all of the documents that I need to fill out and return; my policy is effective tomorrow! Yay! So, that means tomorrow's agenda will include getting the scooter licensed and registered, and I should be on the road by tomorrow afternoon! Woo hoo!
Teddy's mom came over and spent the night last night. She's moving out to Colorado next week (!!!) so she came over for a quick little 'goodbye' visit. She gave me TONS of raw turquoise (she used to run a turquoise business when she lived out west in the 70s) and some other rocks. We just got my (tiny) rock tumbler from my parents' house the other day, so we might try to tumble some of the jaspers and stuff. Julie said I should look into taking a lapidary class... It turns out that our county has a Rock & Mineral Club that offers classes, but Teddy and I both have class (Mineral & Rock Resources, as a matter of fact, haha!) when they have meetings. Maybe next semester...
OK, well, I need to go back to campus a little early so I can print out these insurance forms and make copies, etc. so I can get that baby on the road!

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