Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Challenge!! MAKE something!

Well, its Friday again, and you know what that means...

Friday challenge!!!

Today's challenge was born from a little idea I had yesterday while I was taking a shower (of all things). That's just how my brain works, I don't know. Haha. Anyway, I came up with something that I want to make.... so today, I am going to make something!

I challenge you to make something too! Make lunch, make a dress, make a painting, make a crazy glitter-covered coffee mug. Whatever! Just make something!

images via WeHeartIt

Take a picture of what you made and post a link to it, and be entered to win today's giveaway! You have until 12:00 midnight (EST) tomorrow (Saturday 7/24), and then I'll choose a winner at random. Like always, the prize is a surprise...but I promise you'll like it!


P.S. - I added some more stuff to My Closet...please go and have a look!

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