Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th, on the 5th.

Did everyone have a nice 4th? I think yesterday was the first time I got to do anything on the 4th in like four years... I always had to work on Independence Day! Yay for being an unemployed student! So anyway, Josh and Chelsey came over (love the picture of them, above - too funny) and we had some good American food - apple turnover and ice cream! Mmmmm....then we had mango margaritas and watched the fireworks from the swing in the backyard - very nice! Shippensburg put on a good show; Josh and Chelsey both said it was waayyy better than Waynesboro's! Haha.

Today is my last day of house-sitting; Angel and the kids will be home later today, so now I'm going to spruce up the place and make sure it looks nice for their arrival home. I'm excited to go home and hang out with my doggies again! I think some poolside lounging is definitely in order too....

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