Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yard sales - FINALLY!

I went yard saleing for the first time in TWO YEARS today. Wow. I missed yard saleing...but today was (almost) a dud. I really didn't find too much, but what I found was good stuff!

Case in point: this awesome ceramic ship box-thing.

I also got a nice plain teal top (I realized the other day that I have almost NO plain tops at all, suitable for wearing with skirts/shorts... but that's for another post), some jewelry (haven't taken pictures yet), a candle warmer (and I just said yesterday that I needed one...I'm lucky!), and... that might actually be it. Not a great yard saleing day, but not a total bust. And we went out to Bombay for lunch, so that was good.
(For anyone in the Chambersburg area, I totally recommend Bombay Dining - its my absolute favorite restaurant in the area! They know me by name at this point, haha)

Then, I came home and played with my doggies....look how cute they are.

And then, because I desperately needed to, I've been re-organizing my (teensy-tiny) room. Since I was planning on being in Texas at this point, I didn't worry about organizing anything all winter...why should I, when I was just going to pack it up and move it soon? But...since I'm staying another 6 months, well...something needed to be done! And now since I know I'm going to be here a while longer, now I really want to paint my hideous wood-panel walls. I HATE the walls in this room. My teensy-tiny room looks even smaller than it really is (if that is even possible) because of the icky walls. But it would seriously take an entire weekend to move everything out, tape and paint, let it dry, and then move everything back in. Is it worth it? I don't know... probably. But is anyone going to help me? Most likely not. So we'll see how long it takes before I just break down and do it myself.

Oh, and have I ever mentioned that 1 wall in my room is made of styrofoam? Yes, seriously. Styrofoam. See, this room used to be the 'playroom' when my sisters were little. Its right beside the staircase. Long story short, my dad 'built' a 'wall' so it could be used as a bedroom....and the 'wall' is made of industrial styrofoam. I think he meant to, but never got around to making it into a real wall. So now I just have a big triangular piece of styrofoam for a wall. Awesome.

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