Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Isn't she purdy?
I LOVE her.

Sabrina and I drove up last night to check her out, and after about 30 seconds of deliberation, I was smitten. She's perfect. And did I mention that she was only $20? Yeah. Good deal.

On the way home, Sabrina wanted to stop in Target for a few things, and I thought I should probably get a bike lock... and I came home with streamers. The streamers really give her an extra little...something. You know how I wanted to make her a surf bike? Well those streamers have changed everything. Now I see her as a shimmery-orange-and-pink-princess-of-a-bike.

I got this hilarious bike lock too. It has symbols instead of numbers or letters. The symbols are: boat, heart, star, banana, airplane, duck. Of course its supposed to be for children, but...I freakin' love it.

Today Sabrina and I drove out to Frederick and picked up a $30 mountain bike for her! Its really nice! I want a mountain bike, too, so that we can go trail-riding... I have one, actually, but the gears and chain are SOOOO rusty. I'm going to see if my dad can help me fix it up some so we can go to Harpers Ferry this Friday.....


  1. your bike is gorgeous!! hooray for adorable bikes, and that is definitely the best lock ever!


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