Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Moneymaker

OK, the above graphic is obviously over-simplified, but..... look, I'm in the green!!
I signed up for Outright in June (hence I can only compare July and August so far), but its a really cool (FREE) program that helps you track your profits (or your losses, but hopefully just profits). Since my shop has recently "taken off" all of the sudden, I have a nice cushion of money in that account that lets me keep all my shop expenses in one account so its easy to see if I'm actually making a profit. The good news? I am!!

Pretty cool.

Other than discovering that riveting bit of information, I spent my morning emailing back-and-forth with my department's secretary, trying to get my schedule figured out. I was finally able to schedule today, but something was quirky with the online system and it was giving me a hard time. Anyway, we got it all worked out, and I'm taking: Chem Bonding (ew) + Lab, Ecology, Cartography, and a few research credits. Finally - I'll actually get credit for my research! Until now - for some reasson - all of the research I have done has been for "fun" in, not for credit or money. Just....for the heck of it. There's something wrong with me. ;)

So that's exciting.
Umm... what else? Oh, I'm supposed to go to a meeting on campus at 3:00 today to organize and get ready for Cornfest on Saturday (yes, my school's town has a Corn Festival. Srsly.). The only reason I'm involved with Cornfest (which I have never been to before) is because Dr. C is organizing a trip down to the Gulf in October (of course I'm going). I'm sort-of the 'community outreach' person - I go to local businesses and try to find ways that we can raise some money! There will be about 45 students and 10 faculty/staff going to the Gulf, with a total budget of about $21,000. Yes, twenty-one thousand dollars. So, needless to say, we are in need of some funds! Anyway, back to Cornfest - we'll be running two parking lots, plus several activity centers, crafts tables, etc. and just taking donations.


  1. The town Gary is from has Rabbit Fest. I still can't wrap my head around that one.

  2. outright was the best thing that ever happened to my etsy shop! i'm obsessed with the numbers now and it makes everything so easy!


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