Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Retail therapy -

- always brightens my day!

Its been so rainy and grey lately...makes me feel a little 'under the weather' (no pun intended!). We definitely need the rain, though; and it is rather nice to have a break from the heatwave...but still, I always feel so lethargic and dreary when its rainy outside.

But its nothing a little retail therapy can't cure!

I have been lusting over this dress for literally months, ever since I spied it over on this lovely blog... and now it shall be miiiine!

And I think this romper is just perfect for almost all seasons... Summer, into Fall, (skipping over Winter), and then into Spring...
(Both from GoJane)

And, Threadless is having their back-to-school sale... $10 tshirts!! I had to have these two:

(both from Threadless)

 Yay for new duds!
(See, I'm feeling more cheerful already!)

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