Friday, December 17, 2010

King of the Christmas Tree

Yeah, that's right. Move along.

So, the past week has been....interesting.
It was finals week...
my car died.
Like, officially. Forever. I have to buy a new car. :(

Everyone who knows me knows that I loved my car a whole lot.... it was my first car, and it was a part of me for the past 8, needless to say, I'm sad. But. Its a little exciting to turn over a new chapter in my life....and pick out a new(old) car! Of course, I'm broke, so I need something C H E A P.... but it helps that my daddy is a retired master mechanic, so I'm looking for a nice fixer-upper.

Its amazing how much we take mobility for granted..... all I can say is, thank goodness this happened when it did - I only had 1 final exam left! If this had happened in the middle of the semester? I would have been in BIG trouble.... I commute about 40 minutes to school every day, plus I have to pick 3 kids up from school every day and take them back to their house. I wouldn't have been able to get to/from school, OR babysit, so I'd have no money. So... the universe was watching out for me!

Speaking of finals week....I'm officially D O N E !!! That means that I am *unofficially* a college graduate....but I'm not saying its official until grades are posted on Wednesday.... then its official. ;)
You'd think I'd be really, really excited, but.... I'm not. I knew I wouldn't be. For me, this is just another step along the way.... I won't feel satisfied until I get my Ph.D probably.... which is pretty ridiculous, because I know that a Bachelor's degree is still pretty cool....but.....I'm weird, and probably slightly neurotic. Plus, now that I don't have a bajillion things to do for school, I have absolutely no idea what I should be doing right now. Haha! This always happens to takes me about 3 weeks to wind-down and not feel like I'm supposed to be doing homework or going to class...not being in school is actually more stressful for me than being in school! By the time I get calmed down, the semester will be about to start again, so... I'll be ok. ;)

Ok, now that you all know how nutty I am, I'll stop rambling.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Veronica!
    i loved reading yoru latest blog update! especially the pic of your beautiful cat! what a fluffball.
    sorry to hear about your car, you seem more positive than me,so i think you'll be ok! enjoy your time off.all the best,catch up soon again x

  2. yay! congrats on graduating! i *just* have a bachelor's degree... these days i've been thinking of returning to college, but... i don't think it will happen.
    enjoy your week!


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