Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Urrrgh, I'm feeling really nervous this morning....grades have been posted. I did better in Chem than I expected (yay), but as of right now, there is nothing on my academic record to show that I did, in fact, graduate.... that makes me really nervous. I'm paranoid that something went wrong, and I didn't graduate.... the only reason that would have happened is because my research isn't finished yet, so I have a place-holder "Q" grade..... I checked the catalog, and it doesn't have any information about whether or not that would hinder my graduation. I wouldn't think that it would, because my advisor and dept. head probably would have said something, but.....I'm still paranoid. :(  So anyway, I emailed the registrar's office early this morning, and I'm just waiting to hear back.....eeeeeek.

Still looking for a car.... starting to get major cabin fever! Yesterday was fun though... I went out for lunch and shopping with Sabrina and her friend Emily....and was delighted to find out that Emily's older brother Andrew, who I was good friends with in high school, was home from California for the holidays! So he came with us, and it was really fun to hang out with him again. My face actually hurt from smiling and laughing so much! :)

Today, I was going to go to Baltimore with Sabrina and some of her friends from work, but we both kind of decided that we just don't feel like it today.... its so cold outside, and walking around the city all day just doesn't appeal to us right now.... so we're going to be lazy this morning, and then maybe go do something fun this afternoon....hmm.....

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