Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have you seen SMASH ?!?

I just found out about this over at Lauren's blog... and I neeeed one, pronto!!
The SMASH books will be released in April...and I will be counting down the days!


I'm going to try to get more stuff done today than yesterday...which reminds me, I need to set the record straight! A lot of lovely readers left comments about how much I really did do yesterday, what with steam-cleaning my carpet and all.... Well, I'd love to say that it was hard work, but... I only steamcleaned my bedroom, which has, like, 10 square feet of carpet in it. For reals. My room (aka "shoebox") is TINY, so steamcleaning the carpet takes a total of about 5 minutes. So really, I honestly did nothing yesterday, haha!

I did go to Target in the evening yesterday, though, and found a great cardigan in the kids' department for only $7.50! (Yes, I shop in the kids' department. Its cheap!) :-D


  1. I want one of those journal! and no, I hadn't heard about them!


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