Wednesday, May 11, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump #1

Did I mention that I got an iPhone on Monday?
I accidentally left my (old) phone charger at Jake's apartment...which he moved out of on Sunday, and is now in Pittsburgh for a few weeks, then will be in New York City for a summer-long internship.... so when I realized my account was due for an upgrade, I went for it!

Here's the first round of photos!

Here's me right after my haircut yesterday... it was sticking straight up in the back!
No bueno.
(Its better today ;-)

Here's my little Japanese maple tree! I planted it two years ago when it was like 5 inches tall. I'm so proud!

Mmmm....coconut mocha....

Chase, Cosmo, and Duffy

This pic is from a few weeks ago, but I had fun Instagram-ing it!

I took this while we were on our way to Wallops earlier today! 

Here's the dorm I'm staying in this weekend. Usually we're in the (much nicer!) college dorms, but for some reason they stuck us in the old pre-college dorms this time. Meh.

I'm not a huge fan of the bunkbeds here.... the ceilings are generally kind of spidery, so I pulled my mattress off and stuck it on the floor. Much better.

This is me right now! 

And this beastie lives right outside of the dorm I'm in. Yes, it is enormous. I'm pretty creeped out.


  1. awesome about the phone upgrade, man i can spend hours pressing away on that thing and love the photo apps. your pics are rad lades....except that heinous beastie!!!!!!!!!!! had to scroll past him but quick, i have super phobz and thank goodness i'm seeing this in the morning, therefore can let it disappear before bedtime and possible nightmares. yikers!! someone needs to remove it post haste, no pics, just splats in my opinion. baha!

    mayhaps i will just focus my attention on those adorable fur babies instead,yes, this sounds like a plan ; )

    but, love it all and your new haircut rocks, you are such a darling!

  2. Ahhh welcome to the iPhone club!!! I've been obsessed since I got mine and cant wait for the upgrade! It's amazing how great the camera is on the new one - fabulous photos!!


  3. Firstly, I love your little puppy! Is it a Scotty?

    And secondly, I have the biggest phobia of spiders, I froze completely when that photo came up, which made me even more scared, because I couldn't move to scroll away from it. I had to call a friend. I hate spiders!! But I will never kill them though.


I love reading your comments! Thanks so much! xo

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