Friday, June 27, 2008


So, I'm getting ready for work today... I really don't want to go. I'm so tired. But, alas, I'm also poor, so I must work my eight hours today. Sigh.
At least I have these to look forward to:

According to the UPS tracking site, they should be delivered today. I'll be wearing one of them to my friend Heather's wedding tomorrow; I'm just not sure which one. I think probably the blue one, because the theme of her wedding is Cinderella (yes.), and the blue one reminds me of Cinderella's blue dress. I'm mad though, because I just saw on the Forever21 site that the blue one is now on sale! I just ordered it a few days ago! That's not fair. I think I'll be calling customer service on that one.

I also wanted to share this amazing project I found last night (via ) by Yeondoo Jung. Check this out. Here's my favorite shot:

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