Friday, February 11, 2011

52 Weeks - WEEK 6

Week 6 - Daisy!
Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I'm running a better this week, compared to last - I was actually prepared for today's 52 Weeks post! As a matter of fact, this post was written yesterday, and scheduled for today! See? Totally prepared. :-D

So that's my dog, Daisy. Looks like a Scottie, right? She's not! She's a faux-Scottie: half-Westie, and half-black lab. Her beard and eyebrows crack me up because they make her look like a little old man...and she's only, like, 6 years old. She is my sweet girl - probably the laziest "lump" (as I like to call her) that ever lived, but a sweetheart nonetheless. She's a compulsive licker, too, and she walks around licking things...she'll walk by the refrigerator and lick it as she goes by. haha!

To anyone new to my little blog, (Hello!) you should join in Project 52 Weeks! Grab a blog button from the sidebar, take some pictures, and add them to the group photo pool! :-D


  1. Awe...what a great pic, super cute Daisy!

  2. daisy's such a doll! she's half black lab?! whodathunk? omg, totally cracked up when i read she licks the fridge. classic dog move. looking for food sympathy...oh her sweet eyes. i'd give her such a huge hug it right now. happy weekend! ♥


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