Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An exciting announcement...the next step!!

Can you believe, I started this little blog nearly 4 years ago, in May 2007??
Looking back at my first couple of posts, its kind of funny to see how things have changed, but...they really haven't changed all that much! In my first month of blogging, I posted about things that inspired me, things that I made, some Etsy faves, my pets, thrifty finds...even a very rudimentary outfit post! I still blog about all of these things, but the look and feel...the style in which I blog has definitely progressed.
I like to think that my little blog has grown up, just as I have grown up :)

Anyway, I'm reminiscing over all of this because, in the past month or two, my little blog has grown in leaps and bounds. From May 2007 through July 2010 (three years!), my blog averaged only a few hits per month...literally, like, maybe 25 hits per month, if that! In July 2010, that number jumped up to nearly 1,000 hits...and I honestly have no idea why, but I'm not complainin! :) The numbers stayed around there until January 2011, when my blog hits doubled - and have stayed in line with that trend so far this month!

My little blog is growing in leaps and bounds. To put it in perspective, about 30% of my total blog hits spanning the past four years have come since the New Year! That is so crazy/cool to me! I've gained about 30 new followers (hi!) so far this year, and I've been gaining an average of about 3-4 new followers each week. Awesome!! I am just so tickled that other people are interested in my little blog. I love sharing my inspiration, my art, and pieces of my little life with you guys!

So, all of this is leading up to an exciting announcement...

I recently made a foray into the world of blog advertising! With my Etsy shop back up and running, and my less-prohibitive grad schedule, I'm excited and ready to embrace this new-found attention in the world of the interwebs.

Right now, I only have a few ads up... I'm just a poor grad student! ;-)
But the hope is that those few ads will direct people to my blog, and to my shop, and perhaps generate a little bit of $$ that I can put back into more advertising!

You can currently find my ads up at Scissor Quirk, Sunshine & Carousels, and LDC Designs. I've already got a slot lined-up for March over at MaieDae, and am still looking around and deciding who else I would like to (or am able to) sponsor.  


  1. Suh-weet! Congrats! And hi back (I'm a new year new follower!) Wee! Can't wait to see how your blog progresses!

    best wishes,

  2. Very, very nice blog, can't wait to watch your progress and BTW, welcome to the Etsy Blog Team!

  3. This is really encouraging... I'm planning on opening my own Folksy shop in the next couple of months, but can't help but sometimes feel a little disheartened at a lack of followers =S It's so lovely to hear of your success. Well done you!! x


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